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Hospitals Push Bundled Care as the Billing Plan of the Future

Subscription may be required. "You can get some really good knees and hips for $20,000 at some facilities, but some are charging $40,000," says Elaine Daniels, a contract consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. The insurer offers bundled hip and knee replacements for its members at five hospitals, at prices that are about 20% lower than the local average.
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Is the practice of charging one inclusive payment for surgical services, sometimes called “bundled payments,” the future of joint replacement surgery? Executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and the surgeons at Triangle Orthopaedic Associates (TOA) believe that it is.
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Obamacare exchanges aren't the only game in town

Many insurers will offer individual policies outside the Obamacare exchanges in 2014. Consumers can avoid the exchanges by buying plans directly from insurers or through brokers.
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Area hospital forms alliance with major insurer

New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Wilmington Health have entered into an accountable care alliance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The agreement allows the three organizations to share information regarding best practices, preventive care and cost management.

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