CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – As Hurricane Earl bears down on the North Carolina coast, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has taken steps to ensure customers’ health care coverage needs are uninterrupted by the storm.

“Hurricane Earl is a powerful storm, and we want those living or traveling in the affected areas to be free to focus on protecting themselves, their families and their property without any additional worries related to their health insurance coverage,” BCBSNC President and CEO Brad Wilson said. “These steps will ensure that our customers can get the health care and medications they need during and after the storm.”

Effective immediately, the following policies are in place for customers and employers affected by the storm, as long as a state of emergency is in place. 

Access to prescription drugs: BCBSNC customers affected by the storm will be able to refill their prescriptions early or replace lost or destroyed prescriptions. BCBSNC waives prior-approval and out-of-network requirements for customers affected by the storm as long as a state of emergency is in place. Customers who participate in mail-order refill programs should be aware that any delays in mail delivery could affect their access to their prescription medications.

Waiver of prior approval and network requirements: BCBSNC customers affected by the storm may receive health care services at any available facility regardless of network status and without prior approval. BCBSNC also will suspend medical review requirements for health care facilities and providers in the affected area as long as a state of emergency is in place. 

Internal Business Continuity: BCBSNC has activated its internal business continuity protocols, which ensure that customer service, coordination of member coverage and support for necessary systems and infrastructure remain uninterrupted. Currently, the hurricane is not expected to impact geographic areas where BCBSNC houses its business operations.

Who to call: Customers who have questions about BCBSNC’s contingency procedures or who need additional flexibility on medications or other requirements should call the customer service number on the back of their member card.
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