CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Last night, Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communications Director, posted a comment on the White House blog congratulating Blue Plans across the country for voluntarily extending coverage of adult children.

While the recently passed health reform law does not require insurers to adopt this extension until September, this policy has been in place for several years for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina customers.

BCBSNC implemented this important extension of coverage to young unmarried child dependents regardless of student status in the individual market in 2006 and as a standard option for most employer groups in 2008.

In response, BCBSNC President and CEO Brad Wilson said, “Here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, we are very pleased to be among the early adopters of the policy that is now the law of the land. We will work to welcome other insurers to provide this important coverage for young people. Doing so was the right thing for North Carolinians years ago, and it is the right thing for Americans now.”

In addition, yesterday Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to health insurers across the country urging them to voluntarily provide this benefit to their eligible customers ahead of the September date. BCBSNC is contacting the Secretary’s office expressing support for the immediate extension of this benefit.
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