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Area hospital forms alliance with major insurer

New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Wilmington Health have entered into an accountable care alliance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The agreement allows the three organizations to share information regarding best practices, preventive care and cost management.
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Blue Cross unveils preliminary Obamacare prices

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina announced pricing information for plans under the Affordable Care Act, the first North Carolina insurer to put out specific rates.
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Blue Cross previews health-exchange plan rates

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina will offer individual health plans through new on-line exchanges ranging from $185 for the lowest-cost plan for 25-year-olds to $947 for the top plan for a 60-year old.
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Family-Friendly 50

On-site amenities include health clinics, gyms and lactation facilities. Child care centers at each location boost employee morale and decrease absenteeism. Employees are offered tuition reimbursements, flexible schedules, support groups and wellness programs. Options such as part-time work, a compressed workweek, job-sharing and telecommuting can make balancing a career and a family easier for employees. - See more at:

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$750,000 Blue Cross NC investment expands school-based virtual clinic in Cleveland County

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